The secret behind Sensotech’s success is advanced ultrasound pulse and echo sensing technology. This principle is found in nature. For example, bats emit chirps and wait for them to bounce off any obstacle to orient themselves. For more than 20 years, the Sensotech team has patented, developed and field tested its ultrasonic technology.

Sensotech's library of hardware designs, software and algorithms provides capabilities such as advanced signal and signature analysis, precise and selective targeting, selective windowing, learning and self adaptive modes and temporal analysis. Thus, many functions are possible. This technology has many advantages over the competing technologies:


Our company designs robust, high performance, cost effective solutions by utilising proven commodity ultrasound transducers.

Customers buy Sensotech solutions because they provide reliable and accurate sensing in difficult environments at a reasonable price. Our technology’s flexibility provides many possibilities for customization and broadens its application potential.