Level Sensing

Sensotech has developed a variety of level sensor systems including sensing unit, display unit, communication unit and other sub-assemblies using its ultrasonic contact-less technology. It provides accurate measurement in moving tanks as well as reliability in corrosive and dirty environments.

Highlighted Solutions:

  • Improving tank gauging for passenger comfort stations
  • Reliable corrosive fuel urea and biocide gauging

Improving tank gauging without any moving parts

In a moving vehicle, accurately measuring the level of liquids in a tank is difficult at best. When a tank's contents are harsh and corrosive this is even more challenging. Sensotech’s non-contact sensors have already proven to be accurate and reliable on numerous trains. False alarms have been eliminated, costly fines because of closed comfort stations are reduced dramatically and passenger comfort and satisfaction is improved.

Reliable corrosive fuel, Urea & Biocide gauges

New low fuels including biodiesel, ethanol mix, urea and others are providing a more environmentally friendly alternative for cars and other vehicles. These fuels; however, provide a harsher corrosive environment for vehicle components and are a challenge for manufacturers. Current sensors cannot provide reliable gauging in this more corrosive environment. Sensotech’s non-contact sensors operate perfectly in corrosive environments and can deliver accurate fuel gauging.

Additionally for these products and biocide chemicals Sensotech offers a pump shut-off connection and feature to ensure tanks are full but never over-flow to the surrounding ground or attendant.