Contactless Activation Switch

Sensotech's Contactless Activation Switch is designed to replace a number of technologies including:

  • Activation sensors such as IR — Sensotech's Contactless Activation Switch has more accurate boundary limits, a closer activation distance (can be set to virtually 0" from the sensor face)
  • Contact activation sensors and switches

Traditional contact activation sensors require the user to physically push a button. This presents the risk of contamination of the button itself and the user's hand. Not only does the Contactless Activation Switch eliminate the concern for the speading of contimination, it also supports user programmable activation ranges. This means that it is possible to change the required distance from the sensor that a user must wave his/her hand in order to activate the doors. Objects that lie close to the doors but are not intended to trigger the opening of the doors may be avoided by changing the distance or zone where the sensor is being targetted.

The contactless activation switch is applicable to bus, rail car, and end doors.