Introducing the industry's first hands-free autofill water dispenser — smart enough to know when to turn itself off.

Hands-free autofill is an impressive feature that fills your glass automatically without you having to babysit it. Two sensors bounce sound waves off the rim of the container, processing information about its height and size, and accordingly dispensing just the right amount of water. You may place almost any type of container underneath the dispenser, walk away, check your email, or tend to what’s cooking on the stove, and return later to your automatically-filled container of filtered water.

GE Autofill Essential Specifications

  • Consumer would set a glass on a “target zone” (tray) underneath the dispenser spout.
  • Consumer would select auto-dispense button to activate the feature. Control would default back to manual dispense mode at the end of auto-fill.
  • Auto-fill feature is available for a wide variety of container shapes.
  • Auto-fill feature functions with ice in a container.
  • Auto-fill feature would fill a container automatically with water to a defined percentage of the containers capacity (80%-90%).
  • If a container is removed during Auto-fill then the filling will stop.

System Advantages